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0.09 Acres in Falls County, Texas


Total Due

Sale Type: Pay in Full


APN: 30259
County of Falls, Texas
0.09 Acres
Step 1: Deed Vesting Information
Full Name*
List your name exactly as you would like it to appear on your deed.
Additional Names
List any additional names you would like listed on the deed. You may add as many names as you would like.
Please provide the address you would like listed on the deed. (Future property tax bills will be sent here.)
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Step 2: Payment

How would you like to pay for your land?

Credit/Debit Card — We can process all major US-based Credit/Debit cards. Please enter you details below and we run your card. A receipt, for the transaction, from our secure terminal provider will be send once the payment has been processed (usually within an hour during normal business hours).

Zelle Quickpay, Check or Bitcoin — No problem, we will include instructions on how to send payment via these methods with your submission confirmation email.

Step 3: Anything Else?

Ask us anything or add any special notes to your order here.
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